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Histropedia: The Timeline of Everything



The vision for Histropedia is that you can arrive and see all of history on an interactive timeline. Google map style controls will let you see an overview of all time or zoom in to see more detail for any period, while smart filters allow you to refine the timeline by topic and location.



A directory of timelines on every topic



On the way to creating the timeline of everything we will introduce a timeline directory, allowing any topic to be explored from a single search. The directory should launch by the end of 2014 with thousands of readymade timeline imported from Wikipedia categories.

Creating Custom Timelines has never been so easy



The current beta version of Histropedia is already a powerful timeline creating tool. With over 1.5 million events already in our database you can search for an event and add it to you timeline with a single click. You can also create a new event from any Wikipedia article if it’s not already in the database.


A new way to experience Wikipedia



Everyone loves Wikipedia, it has become a corner stone of the internet and the starting point for all general knowledge. Our aim is to help people to visualise this amazing resource by displaying it on a fully interactive timeline, giving everyone on the planet the freedom to explore history in the same way that Google maps has allowed us to explore the globe.



Harnessing the power of Wikidata



Wikidata is a Wikimedia project creating a structured database to support Wikipedia and it’s sister projects. By using powerful resource, we are able to create an advanced filter and query system that will allow custom timelines to be created in seconds.


Read more about how we are using Wikidata

Building an open Platform


Histropedia is an open platform, designed to allow the world to collaborate and share their historical knowledge. We will achieve this open platform by a) making all the data we import from Wikipedia editable by the public, b) ensuring the site is completely free to use, and c) by publishing all timelines created by users of Histropedia under an open licence so anyone can share them with the world.


Learn more about Histropedia's license


The Founders



The co-founders of Histropedia are lifelong friends Navino Evans and Sean McBirnie. With a passion for learning and sharing knowledge combined with a desire to create software that works and is enjoyable to use we are committed to building a website that people love.


The Development Team



To develop the site we have partnered with the immensely talented software development team Geeks ltd who have been with us from day one. Our lead developer Shayan Elhami and Software architect Paymon Khamooshi have been inspirational throughout the project. By using such talented developers we have created a solid infrastructure that we can continue to build on for many years to come.




Histropedia is an open, collaborative, project and we need your help to make it happen. If you have an interest in history, Wikipedia, Wikidata or open data, this is a project for you. See the links below or get in touch to find out how you can help us create the world's first timeline of everything and help change the way the world learns and discovers history.